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Earn high commission on every sale!
It’s completely 100% free to join!
Earn commission for each unqiue visitor!

Before You Join…
NOTE: Real-time affiliate stats are unavailable, therefore there’s no login facility. This is mostly due to the issue of deducting out duplicate leads and it’s also important for detecting fraudulent leads, which are not tolerated and will result in account termination. You’re emailed a stats report twice a month but can request your latest one anytime.

ALSO: This program is for established affiliates only, marketers who can send traffic. If you’re new to affiliate marketing and have no way of generating clicks, this is not for you but feel free to return once you’re established as an affiliate who can send traffic, thank you.

NO Fraudulent Bots
NO Bulk Traffic Sources
NO Paid To Click (PTC) Traffic Sources
NO Spamming
NO Incentivised Leads
NO Traffic From Mobile Advertising Networks
NO Leads From Anonymous Proxies

If you do any of the above, your account may be suspended or terminated immediately. Promote fairly, send genuine human visitors and you’ll be rewarded well for your efforts. Thanks!

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