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Whether you are coming to oversea for business or pleasure, renting a Wi-Fi helps you keep in touch with your contacts abroad. The Pocket Wi-Fi is a center of personal connection device and the ideal mobile broadband solution for iPad and laptop users who needs high-speed wireless connection, anytime and anywhere.

When you travel, you will like to share your great discovery, scenic spots, and wonderful moments meeting people with your family and friends right then and there through social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. Other make phone call to your home or office using skype from country you visit.

The Pocket Wi-fi can automatically create group internet access and individual Wi-Fi hotspots, wirelessly connect to various devices, such as iPad, laptops, digital cameras, iPhone, Android phone and PSPs; play games online and transfer pictures. Internet access anywhere (in trains, at cafes, etc) by your computer or smartphone is always possible with the Pocket Wi-Fi!

Our goal is to provide a quality Wi-Fi rental service at the lowest rates.

Fast: Get High-Speed Internet Access while on the move.
Cost- Effective: Share Wi-Fi signals with your friends.
Flexible: Select one day, a weekly or monthly rental plan that fits your schedule.

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