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Companies and tech giants are constantly developing new products that enhances our way of life. But they are always pushing it to the next level, like developing an ecosystem for their devices to live.

Apple was perhaps the only company that had a vision to streamline their products. It took them a while, but after years of perfecting it, they have one of the most robust and efficient ecosystem to-date.

Apple’s ecosystem comprises of the iPhone, MacBook and Apple Watch. This devices seamlessly connects to one another using your Apple ID.

This opens up interactions like transferring files from your computer to your phone and vice versa, simple and quick. The Apple Watch also plays a part in controlling your phone when you’re too busy to take it out or you just want to put it aside.

While Android does have an ecosystem of its own, it is somewhat segmented. Users can rely on Google’s app but it feels like they put a bigger focus on their collaborative apps rather than an ecosystem like Apple’s.

However, there is a brand that is trailing close to Apple, and that’s Huawei alongside their lineup of products which have been getting a lot of attention.

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