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CARA BUAT DUIT DENGAN 8COIN 2018 “Win RM500, 000 with WOW”, ke “Nak menang RM500, 000 jom sertai WOW” 

CARA BUAT DUIT DENGAN 8COIN 2018 “Win RM500, 000 with WOW”, ke “Nak menang RM500, 000 jom sertai WOW” 

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera semua, 

Ok…hari ini saya nak share sikit cara nak bu

Our story, in a blink

Our story, in a blink

Once upon a time there were four friends. They exchanged notes and book summaries throughout their school years (and aced their exams because of it). Flash forward to 2012 and they’d all gotten jobs and lives and had less time than ever to read. They decided there had to be a better way to learn every day and still keep up with their jobs. And just like that, Blinkist was born! Four years later, we’ve hit a million users and blinked more than 2,500 titles of the world’s best nonfiction, distilling them into key insight summaries you can read in 15 minutes.

My real education never really happened in the classroom. Jason Sturgill, Blinkist artist-in-residence Why we’re here Blinkist believes that big ideas are for everyone. We’re life librarians, diving into the best books on productivity, psychology, and personal transformation to bring you insights and ideas that encourage smart living. Want to know about the lifestyles of the smart and famous? We’ll tell you. Need a new way to look at that business pitch? On it. Mindfulness? Don’t mind if we do. We bring you concepts that make a difference in your personal and professional life—and a few that are just for fun, too. We want to hear from you Have you read a nonfiction book recently that blew your mind? Have you any thoughts or experience with lifelong learning? Do you have any opinions about any of the topics that we are writing about? Please let us know.

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How do I get started?
You can share the referral link to your friends or you can post the link into your Facebook page, website, blog, forum, web hosting talk, social media accounts etc.

How much can I earn?
There is no limit as to how many friends you can refer and how much you can earn. In every referral you make, you can earn according to the reward percentage below:

1. Forex VPS Hosting: 20% Recurring
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5. cPanel Reseller Hosting: 5% Recurring

What is recurring payment?
Recurring payment is applied to your account every time a payment is made by an active customer that you have referred.

When do I receive my rewards?
Once your account has reached RM100, you may request for withdrawal of payment through our system. Payout will be completed within 3 days after the withdrawal submission is made.

How will I be awarded?
You will be awarded via cash or account credit, depending on your choice. We will transfer the money to your Malaysia Bank Account, PayPal Account or to your credit balance.

How long does it take for the money to be reflected on my account?
Your rewards will be reflected in your account 30 days after the payment of the purchased product is made. This is to prevent fraud order.

How do you track my rewards?
Cookies allow us to track all the visitors that come to our website. These last for up to 90 days after the visit, so we keep a good record of them. Using the cookies, we can also track those who purchase our services within 90 days and who referred them.

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Anda tidak perlu mempunyai laman web untuk buat duit atau membina database. Sistem kami mempunyai server yang cukup pantas untuk anda terus buat keuntungan.

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