ūüėĪ AWAS.. Untuk LELAKI yg dah KAHWIN jer... klik sini


Company shall pay $100 for each qualified advertiser who buys at least $50 in text links per month. Company shall pay $25 for each qualified publisher that sells at least $5 in text links using our service for at least 45 days. Commission payments will be made 45 days after the qualified publisher or advertiser has been referred to Company.

Referred publishers and or advertisers must be new Company users and not have used the service in the past. In addition, existing users may not use the affiliate program to refer themselves for the purpose of obtaining the referral commission.

All payments are audited before being sent to check for fraud.

Info Pengiklan

  • NAME: emmaaman
  • NoTel:  01115157319
  • WEBSITE: http://www.backlinks.com/?aff=123538.
  • COUNTRY: Selangor
  • CATEGORY: Perniagaan
  • KEYWORD : 

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